Jump into the new era of technology. Forget smartphones and internet connections. We have brought you a device that can translate any international language into English. Just wear the new BuzzBee earphones and join conversation with people around the globe.

Here is a threeD animated demonstration of earphones use and charging dock.

Image Heading 17

These are the results of my final year project where I successfully developed a system which can convert live Chinese German Arabic and French languages into English with a delay of two milliseconds.

Image Heading 18

We have tested the results on hardware project kit and the results went beyond our expectation. There was mere half a second delay in translating of incoming voice to outgoing voice.

Image Heading 19

In order to transform our idea into reality, we have to make use of snapdragon A9 processor, twin cores and 200mhz in-ear speakers and 2 cell Li battery pack alongside other electronics. And the final proposed design will look like this

Image Heading 20

The complete package will include a pair of earphones with charging dock. The charger has capability to charge from 0 to 100% in 40mins and it has magnetic connectivity ports.


Communications Engineer

have bachelors degree in avionics communication from PIEAS univ. done MS from MIT and now leading the BuzzBee project.

beta marketing expert

working as marketing team lead at Ovex Tech Lahore

alpha designer

an NCA graduate, completed various design projects.

zeta coder

extensive experience in coding from past three years. currently working as lecturer at GIKI institute.

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