Launching A Successful Startup
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Momina Rizwan


Too bored to work in an boxed environment or have the idea and the strength it takes to run your own business ? These are a few questions that many working in a regular corporate environment can relate to , but not all of them know how to turn an idea or a plan into a reality. 

Many startups that begin as ideas don’t end up as what they were initially intended to be or don’t see the light of day at all. Many startups don’t even make it beyond the first five or ten years of their life and in many cases it can be attributed to poor planning or insight. Here are some important points to consider before launching a startup:
 The basic thing to consider when you plan to establish a new business is to have a solid business plan and being well aware of the market for the intended product/service .

Having a proper research about the background and demand of the product is of vital importance, in some cases many brilliant products fail because even if the idea is remarkable the market demand is not there for the product ,making failure inevitable. 

 Technical and financial knowledge about the field and information about the laws governing the field is very important , consulting the experts before implementing ideas always pays off. 

 Correct budgeting of the whole venture saves one from worry later, it also helps estimate not only the cost but also the payback. In case of lack of funding this can also help one gather financial support or presell the product through modern alternate financial models like crowdfunding.

 A basic trait for an entrepreneur to have is the ability to be a good learner and a team player. Although the idea might come from a single person it’s always a team that succeeds in bringing it into reality and bringing the team together is the essential quality of a leader.

 Entrepreneurship means constantly learning new things and being patient about failures. Not everything is perfect in the real world and facing failures patiently while converting them into positive energy to move forward is very important for an entrepreneur to learn.

 Standing out from the crowd is one thing that everyone wants to do but unfortunately not everyone is destined to. Drawing the clients towards the product is something that can only be achieved when they are being offered something different from others , that might mean initially pricing the product far lower than you eventually intend it to or even giving it away for free. 

 An effective marketing campaign is something without which even many old products can collapse, the client needs to be made aware of the uses and availability of any product or service for it to be sold. Spreading the word is highly important. 

 Finally building client trust on the product or service is what keeps it alive and running.

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