Ruling the corporate world : Salim Ghauri
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Momina Rizwan


If there is one person to look up to as the epitome of entrepreneurial excellence and success in Pakistan with a global perspective , Salim Ghauri -the CEO and leading spirit behind NetSol Technologies is the name. Born to entrepreneurial father , as a young boy Ghauri aspired to become a businessman like his father with dreams of signing multi-million dollar deals. It was his dreams that led him to develop a world renowned IT company NetSol Technologies that is the only CMMI-level 5 organization in the country. Under his leadership NetSol Technologies has become the first company from Lahore to trade on NASDAQ ,NY Stock Exchange and has it’s business spread across the globe.

Having worked in IT sector for around 34 years now Ghauri believes success is not possible without taking risks and people with creative ideas and ability to innovate must always try their luck as entrepreneurs. The ability to make a management structure supporting his vision and being organized and able to delegate tasks are some of the key qualities an entrepreneur must possess.

While making a winning team , he focuses on good HR practices and prefers having emotional intelligence over IQ .He applies one simple rule that every single individual is important when it comes to company’s success and keeping satisfied employees is NetSol’s core values. Similarly having a good work-life balance is very important for entrepreneurs and CEO’s too. While being an IT pioneer and leader Mr Ghauri is active in distributing his knowledge and encourages students and young entrepreneurs to come forward and establish themselves , he also heads PASHA which is helping build a positive global image of the Pakistani IT industry.

Salim Ghauri is popularly termed as the ‘Bill Gates of Pakistan’ with a very successful entrepreneurial career . Considering him as an example many are on the path to follow him , what still needs to be seen is who will be the next in line to claim the corporate throne of Pakistan ?

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