Mohammad Mansoor


Ahsan Wani

Age Ranger

25 to 35

Year Of Inception: 2019

Basic Investment: Below 1 Million

With their main aim to encourage people to go out and meet their friends and family. Founder and CEO Mohammad Mansoor with his other two co-founders, Ahsan Wani and Waqas Jabbar came together to introduce an app which would help the user manage their expenses, and messaging apps, to strengthen relationships.

The startup team of 3 aged between 30-35, came with the idea when, one of the founders had difficulty staying in touch with their friends and family and thus, thought of creating an app which solved all these issues.

Touch’d was able to secure $80,000 of seed funding in its initial years and after 3 years of hard-work Mohammad Mansoor aimed at making the startup a multi-million project.

The project is specifically marketed for users aged from 18 to 40, have a large social network and are smartphones users. Touch’d has a unique selling point of proving that no relationship is based on business, its deal is not sale points or leads, instead it focuses on the closeness of the users relationships. It has a global audience, and the business is growing day by day with people from different countries appreciating this service, Touch’d has set its foot on the right track.