Fawad Bhatti


Usman Shabbir

Age Ranger

Below 25

Year Of Inception: 2019

Basic Investment: Below 1 Million

A device which can help tremor patients, Trequant or ‘tremor quantifier’ launched in April 2016. When worn by a tremor patient it, it tacks the tremor record, via kinetic energy and with the help of a mobile phone the data is transferred, to analyze and compare the tremors. The device helps the patient have a direct connection with its doctor to transfer and discuss every information. It helps the patients with timing medications and save the data collected by it for future use. Another best feature is that, the patient is added in the ‘Trequant circle’ where, they get to interact with other tremor patients and discuss the disease and their problems related to it.

CEO of Trequant, Fawad Bhatti introduced this as his final year project with his friend Usman Shabbir aged between 20 to 25 studying at NUST SEECS, but later on when seeing some challenges faced by Fawad’s family members, with the help of his brother, a neuroscientist at the University of Nebraska, he took this project further into consideration and after 2 years of hard work, Trequant is now a multi award winning device and the first tremor watch. Usman Amjed, the third co-founder joined the graduates afterwards.

The startup was selected for Black-Box and was in Silicon Valley for Google acceleration, making it catch the eye of incubators globally. It was launched on the website of Kickstarter, starting at a price range of $250 and having various bundle offers at different price ranges and offering customers with different services.

Serving the field of medicine is always tricky, but full of excitement. With their main mission to ‘take back control’, Trequant will change time for tremor patients, with their analog watch.