The elevator pitch! :   

This part is where you initially pitch or present your project on this platform. Now, while it is good to market your campaign well and talk all sorts of great stuff about it and what you can achieve ,we’d suggest you not going overboard with making tall claims that cannot be achieved and raising expectations. Having said that powerful pitches make for great campaigns and this part is specially important so all of you planning to just get it of your head take note!

If we were giving out the award for the best campaign it would probably be based on the best video , videos are the most powerful ways to promote your message most effectively in the shortest possible time.So its worth investing your time and effort to make a good video!

Mention something about the image here

Ok so for all of you newbies here’s a preview of what typically a project should look like (so far we are assuming majority of our campaigners to be no more intelligent than a block of wood so this might seem a little too detailed for others) Gather all your data and put it up in a form which can be presented as a campaign on .

Picture is worth a thousand words

Images that show the working models , or the real progress of your campaign are probably the best candidates to be placed at the top. For projects that don’t have working models ,images that show real work done by you are great candidates to be placed here.

Promote your campaign well through Social Media

Choose powerful images , by powerful we mean they should have the desired effect.For further information on how to make great project pitches and gain interest from the investors keep following our blog and forums for the latest in the world of entrepreneurship.

Put the best face up

Try to stick to the point and avoid unnecessary details.Promote your campaign well.Your circle of friends and contacts are the most effective way to promote the campaign. Keep following t4lent and always keep your campaign up-to-date!


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