Cyber Monday
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Farah Khan


When the Holiday season is in full swing, who would not want to buy their wish-list items for a discounted price? The first Monday after Thanksgiving, provide people with an ideal opportunity to do exactly this. It is the biggest shopping day of the year, while providing better deals on various products.

'Cyber Monday', is a marketing term, which was originally formulated by Ellen Davis, to persuade people to switch to online shopping as opposed brick and mortar shopping. The first ever Cyber Monday sale was witnessed on November 28, 2005 by online retailer Shop.Org. At that time it was an online version of Black Friday. Online retailers on this day offer massive discounts to attract customers, because of this many people shop online while avoiding going to the crowded market places.

Initially Cyber Monday was started in the U.S., as Thanksgiving is a solely American holiday. It is observed on the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, people spend quiet a lot of money on buying products at discounted prices, specifically those who had not purchased anything on Black Friday. There are many discounts on various deals and many other different products from home appliances to gadgets, cutlery, clothes and numerous other products.

Nowadays Cyber Monday is being observed in multiple other countries such as, Japan, India, Canada, Australia, Portugal, France and various others from around the Globe. Shopping from the convenience of a computer is a comfortable and cozy alternative to going to market and waiting in lines. Cyber Monday is that, better convenient option. It generally offers a wider discount option. Cyber Monday is much quicker and faster than any other online sale market. Anyone can shop from anywhere be it their office or home. It is a better option for online shopping because, as it comes on the first Monday after Thanksgiving for those who have missed any previous sales and discounts , this is a much better way to make up for that. With some of these benefits Cyber Monday can be at a bit of disadvantage as sometimes the products or deals that hit stores or online on Black Friday, are sold out when the time for Cyber Monday comes. With online shopping, the opportunity to see the product is not there, and so a person can be worried about the return policy.

In Pakistan the concept of Cyber Monday is still new, it hasn't been introduced properly yet, like Black Friday, which has gained immense approval from customers. But as a society our country hasn’t really developed in the technological field. Introducing an online market such as Cyber Monday will help people find products in their price range. With the internet being used excessively, a need for online marketing is necessary, as people tend to use that more often now. Cyber Monday marketing has been observed by a few times now, but it hasn’t been a huge success. If it is introduced in Pakistan properly, then the scope of online marketing will improve and chances of new online sales being introduced will increase.

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