Flying Car and Its Future
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Farah Khan


Henry Ford in 1926 displayed an experiment of a single-seat airplane that he called “sky flivver”. Now, after almost a century the dream of a flying car is under experiment. Companies from the late 90’s have added various features to cars, but a flying car will be something out of the blue for this generation. The automakers have this time targeted to achieve something that is near to impossible, but with various companies joining hands, it is certain that in time they will achieve it.

To produce such an aircraft, would require a system that is quiet, does not cause any noise pollution, and can be easily flown safely in urban areas. For such a vehicle very powerful engines would be required. The flying car will initially run on jet fuel, but will eventually transfer to liquid hydrogen, once the technology isn’t contagious. Because unlike commercial planes, personal flying cars might not have many safety checks as their drivers/pilots might not be trained. People in general already have a problem with the aspect of driving in two dimensions, adding the up and down aspect can make driving or flying more difficult. But some theories do suggest that this problem can be solved with the use of self-driving and self-flying cars.

Just imaging about never really worrying about any traffic, stoplights or road constructions, a flying car could get anywhere faster that traveling by road. When they do arrive, flung cars will cost several thousand dollars. There are several companies that have already taken the initiative of working and developing this new technology. The Airbus is working on a single person flying car, under the Silicon Valley. Terrafugia, another tech company is also building a flying car, which can take off and land autonomously. Google, the tech giant isn’t behind in the race to develop a flying car, Larry Page is funding a startup to build a flying car.

Even if these tech companies and engineers do come up with some new ideas for how to develop the flying car, it might replace big names such as Lamborghini and Bentley, but for now it is a dream, if no more a science-fiction.

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